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The Movement of Color

Each original acrylic painting is my interpretation of the movement of color across the canvas.  The depth is achieved by the application of 30 to 45 layers of color and glaze on the canvas.  This involved process takes approximately 3 weeks for each original.  

The inspiration comes from everything around me...a sunrise to a sunset...a feather to a moth...the flicker of a candle or a roaring fire...or a desert storm!  As you pass by the canvas, the color movement of the finished piece changes with the ambient light.

My expression of color is also done in large format fused glass...Wallscapes and Tablescapes.

 Please visit the following galleries for available art:

Gallery of Paintings

Original acrylic paintings by betsy glatz

Gallery of Glass

Vivid colors from Wallscapes to Tablescapes

Gallery of Giclees, Glatzstoppers, Jewelry and Candles

Please visit this gallery for smaller gifts of art.

Guest Artists

Please visit our guest artists currently showing at balancing rock studio/gallery!


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Commissions Available

If you have a special color palette or canvas size, please give me a call or email.  I am available for consultations.

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Seeing is believing, and I want you to experience the movement of color.

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I offer a wealth of design experience and services.

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